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Which Program is best for you?

You are different and have different goals and dreams.  The same program our D1 college basketball player is on may not be the best fit for a stay at home mom who is looking to start her fitness journey.

That is why every new member of the FAMILY comes in for a a complimentary one-on-one introduction session with a coach.

During this session we will:


Identify what YOU want to get out of training.  We consider ourselves navigators. YOU have your starting point and know where YOU want to end up.  Our mission is to give you the right directions and help you make the right turns in order to get to your destination as quickly as possible.  We make it a point to be there with you step by step, turn by turn, so that you get to where you want to go.


During this session we will go over our program and our unique application of CrossFit high intensity functional training.  Absolute Strength Philosophy of the Three Strength Pillars.  (Mind, Body and Spirit)


We will assess your current level of fitness, as well as your flexibility and mobility. From this complete assessment we will be able to help you find the best course to take in order to reach your destination in the safest, healthiest and quickest way possible.  You will leave with a direction and a plan to succeed.

Not all Gyms are the same

We all operate under the general philosophy of CrossFit, which is great, but how an individual gym is run, the programming, the energy, and the specific philosophies vary greatly.

  1. You may have experience with CrossFit and this session will be for us to make sure you are ready to jump into classes.
  2. Maybe you haven’t worked out in years and are a little rough around the edges. You will need some skill and movement/mobility work with our Personal Training Fundamentals Course.
  3. You may be the kind of person who really takes well to the extra help and attention and want to start with Personal Training

Book a complimentary one-on-one introduction session with a coach.

During this hour, we will explain to you the Absolute Strength philosophy and how it will get you, and keep you, more fit than you ever could have imagined. We will also put you through a short fitness assessment to determine your current strengths and limitations.