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Welcome To CrossFit 732

At CrossFit732, our South Amboy CrossFit Gym, our community differentiates us from other boxes in the area. As we host a competitive atmosphere like many other gyms, all of our members thrive off of the support from the other members in this community. As a community, we are all on a similar journey: to become better than we were yesterday; and on a daily basis, you will set goals and achieve them. On the roughest of days, when you want you give up, you’ll have our community behind you every step of the way. At Long Branch CrossFit, we are on a journey to better our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. This is how we achieve our goals: together.

Train Your Body

You will train your body by performing high-intensity, functional movements, that are constantly varied through the use of unique, quality programming.

Improve your mind

You will improve your mind as you blow past obstacles and self-imposed limits. Mentality is everything; we create a positive atmosphere to support a healthy mentality.

Boost your spirit

You will improve your spirit as you continue achieving your goals, one after another. With improved faith in yourself and your abilities, you’ll soon discover that with a positive attitude, you can do anything.

What Is CrossFit?

Our CrossFit coaching is very personal. Expect to learn proper technique and execution of functional movements while building the fundamental aspects of elite fitness.

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603 Washington Ave
South Amboy, NJ 08879

(732) 553-0100


The only thing standing in the way of you achieving all of your wildest health and fitness goals is failing to take action.

It can be daunting to get started, and to begin your journey. We guarantee though that when you do, and when you commit yourself, that you’ll see fantastic results, and the real success you’ve always craved.


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